What are your advantages?, is the first website of private sales dedicated to wedding, a must-have website for your target. We offer an online sales channel complementary to yours, while preserving your brand image by our selection of high-end offers.  


  • Attract new customers

Our members are waiting for your offers! Submit your offers to our network of members registered on our site (mostly married future). allows you to reach a broader target and expand your network.

  • Benefit from high visibility

In particular thanks to the means of communication put in place (social networks, press, influential bloggers, exhibitions, e-mailing, referencing) and our high traffic potential.


  • Resell cancellations, quick disclaimers, or destocking

A last minute cancellation? Quickly resell your benefits on whose offers "Last minute wedding" are perfectly adapted to the target concerned. You want to destock an old collection or sell in volume of products? Offer exceptional offers without tarnishing your brand’s image.


  • Fast and simple sales to organize manages all the necessary elements for the publication of your offer on the site (creation of product sheets, order management, Customer Service management upstream ...) and their promotion to our members and partners.


  • It is free and without obligation !

The creation and publication of your offers on is free and without commitment, as well as participation in the communication plan and SEO. However, the site is remunerated as a commission that is levied on each sale made on the site, and that varies by partner, prices and sales volume. If there is no sale, there is no commission and you will have benefited from all the visibility of the site for free!


Want to test and propose a first offer ?

To sell on the site, you can provide several offers:

  • PRIVATE SALES: Offer a reduction, a product or an exclusive service over a given period;

  • PERMANENT COLLECTION: To propose an unpublished offer all the year for the members of;

  • VOUCHER: Offer vouchers for any purchase of your products or services online or in store.


How to publish my offer ? Elements to transmit : 

  • The name and description of the tender and the period concerned;

  • At least 3 professional quality photos;

  • The initial public price and the reduction granted to the members (including the proposal for a commission surrendered to, delivery charges and any additional costs);

  • Stocks or available dates;

  • Your standard form contract.

To send to

Contact us 

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